Our RESISTance will be colorized!

If you like to color, whether for fun or for stress relief, and you're a supporter or participant in the movement to RESIST the wrong-headed, mean-spirited and  downright dangerous policies of #45 and his enablers in Congress, we've got some designs so you can color your resistance!

Here are 32 patterned pages to keep us fired up for the fight! Utilizing slogans from Women's March posters and quotes from Resisters, these pages give you something creative and fun to do while you await the next great outrage or face-palm moment from Donald-the-Thin-skinned and his nefarious bunch of billionaire robber barons, election riggers, money-launderers, spies and Putin playthings.

Available in a printed pad (8.5 x 11) to make the 32 individual pages easily removable upon completion or a "print your own" PDF version, up-scalable to larger sizes.
Pages are printed on white, smooth 70# opaque recycled text suitable for colored pencils, crayons or fine-point markers without bleed-through. Inside covers document the resistance with photos of signs from women's marches around the globe.
To see thumbnails of the pages, click here.

There are many resistance groups working to hold accountable the current administration and members of Congress for its actions (or lack thereof) and they need our financial support.

New and veteran investigative journalists and outlets need funds so they can focus on determining the truth from the daily dissembling, evasions, alternative facts, stonewalling, misconceptions, and outright bullshit flowing from #45's frightening alternate reality where "winning bigly" means we the people lose, climate science is "fake news" and a mental Benjamin Button believes himself to be king of the universe, so rules don't apply.

The Indivisible chapters forming across the country are raising a ruckus in communities large and small, uniting generations and cultures in the goal of speaking truth to power and holding elected officials to account for their failure to put the common good above what's right for their fat-cat donors.

nspired by efforts in our own small community, begun by enthusiastic young people, we are donating 25% of profits from this book to organizations working to make the world a better place by RESIST-ing any agenda void of compassion for earth's most vulnerable inhabitants, human and not, regardless of their country of origin.

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Organizations to consider:

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Organizations to consider:

We believe building walls is never an answer when bridges are not only possible, but necessary to our survival and that of our planet, from which annually we harvest more resources (often wasted) than she can replenish through natural processes.

We'd like those of you who purchase a copy to tell us which groups to support.

Below you'll see a drop-down list of organizations from which to choose. Just enter your selection, whether from the list or your own nominee, in the "note to seller" portion of the payment page. At the end of the month, the two groups with the most votes will receive donations.

Use it as a fundraiser for your organization by encouraging your members and friends to purchase a copy and cast a vote for your organization!

Buy the digital (PDF) version
Organizations to consider:

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Organizations to consider:

We're hard at work on the next edition of Color to RESIST, because this season of The Apprentice: The POTUS Year seems set for, at the very least, a mid-season re-boot, if not outright cancellation. Of course, we'll have to pressure Congress enough to do the right thing for once and put an end to the kleptocrat-in-chief's long swindle that drains our resources to further enrich himself and the moneyed class by any means available.

It's work keeping up with the near-hourly gaffes, screw-ups, diplomatic discourtesies and other "gang that couldn't shoot straight" moments at the Dollar Don's White House, but if enough of us are up to the challenge, we can rid ourselves of this national embarrassment. It's important that we rally together to bring reason, compassion, civility and empathy back into our politics, our policies, our civic discourse and any "reform" agenda.

Energize. RESIST the covfefe. Persist. Renew.

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